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  • Message from Matt Cook, Superintendent of Schools

    Happy New Year, everyone!


    Seven years ago, the district established a Technology Reserve Fund to help pay for technology equipment and upgrades for our educational program. While this was a great concept, it turns out that this reserve has some significant limitations when it comes to technology purchases. The Technology Reserve Fund can only be used, by State law, for outright purchases of technology, for which we would receive no state aid. I believe that it is in the best financial interest of the District to lease needed technology through Wayne‐Finger Lakes BOCES, because we receive approximately 80% of the lease cost back in State Aid, making the taxpayer dollar stretch much farther. Also, leasing allows for a simple return when upgrades become necessary as opposed to the district being responsible for the disposal of outdated hardware. Because of this, the Newark Board of Education decided that we should dissolve the old Reserve Fund and use those monies ($1,000,000) to fund two new Reserve Funds.


    To be clear, this vote is not asking for any new revenue in the form of taxes from the voters.  This is just asking your permission to move money from one place (where we won’t get state aid) and put it in two different places, where we can get a better bang for the buck.  If the voters approve the proposed resolution, it will authorize the liquidation of the old Technology Reserve Fund and those funds will be used to establish two new Reserve Funds.  One will be used for an anticipated Capital Project that voters will have an opportunity to vote on at our regular May 17, 2016 Budget Vote and Election.  The other proposed Reserve Fund will be a Bus Purchase Reserve Fund, which will be used to purchase buses as a part of our regular, annual bus replacement program. Our older, high‐mileage buses are replaced each year and the District receives State aid on the monies used to purchase the new buses. By doing this, we are able to purchase buses without borrowing money and paying interest—another savings to the District.


    If approved by the voters on January 12, 2016, these two new Reserve Funds will be for a term of ten (10) years and can be funded by way of budgetary appropriations, transfers from other reserves and from unappropriated fund balances as authorized by the voters.  We hope that you come out to vote on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 from Noon until 8:00 p.m. and please feel free to call me, or Ed Gnau, your Assistant Superintendent for Business, with any questions at 332-3230.


    As always, I thank you for your continued interest and support in helping the Newark Central School family make strides toward our Vision:


    "Newark Central School District is the centerpiece of our community that binds students, staff, families and neighbors through a profound sense of hometown pride.  We engage all students with the diverse opportunities and academic experiences they need to reach their maximum potential.  Our students thrive in an environment of high expectations, collaboration and respect.  Effective communication and sustained connections foster a sense of importance, contributing to the success of every student every day."


    Matt Cook, Superintendent of Schools

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